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The Plane That Don Piazza Built

"I’ve been working on the SE5A off and on for the past 4years, and I’m finally done with it.

Every little part of it always took me hours and days to complete, seems I couldn’t just build it without putting all my efforts into it.

Arizona Models in Scottsdale took my plans and manufactured the following components- an instrument panel and 2 machine guns - Vickers machine gun mounted in the dash and a Lewis 30 cal which mounted on the top wing. These kits were laser cut and took hours to build.

The original kit is a Guillows kit, 1/12 scale 24 inch wing span; it’s covered with olive drab Japanese tissue, shrunk with water to make it taut and 1-coat of clear dope (my wife wouldn’t let me do this in the house, “it stinks” she said- lol.)

Anyway I love making these planes with all the details -plus I love bi-planes.

The pictures don’t really give it justice; I am going to take it out some morning to let everyone one look at it and marvel at the details.

Jokingly I told Kim he could maiden it."

Don Piazza

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