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Website Update Log

7-20-19   Added 'Contact Us' button

7-29-19   Changed header image, text size & effects

7-30-19   Changed Pic of the Day

7-30-19   Added photos to Home Page

8-01-19   Added 'Finding Charlie'.  A TRUE 'short story made long' by Kim Stern

8-02-19   Added location map to About Us page

8-16-19  Added new page - 'Pic/Video du jour'

8-16-19  Added 'Finding Charlie 3' page

8-28-19  Changed 'Pic/Video du jour'

9-03-19  Changed 'Contact Us' Overlay Background

9-09-19  Changed 'Pic/Video du jour'

9-09-19  Added 'TMRCC New Member Solo Flight Checklist' to Club Documents' page

9-27-19  Added Winifried's Onboard Video & Pics to 'Video' page' and Pics/Video du jour' page

9-27-19  Added MAC Lease Document to 'Club Documents' page

10-16-19  Added 'Directions to Field' page

10-16-19  Created 'Past Events' page

10-16-19  Re-arranged order of website pages

10-20-19  Added new member - Eric Hamilton to 'Pic du jour'.

12-8-19  Changed 'Pic/Video du jour' to MAC Farm Day 2019

1-19-20  Updated Club Officer page

1-19-20  Added January 4, 2020 Meeting Minutes

1-20-20  Added 'Look What I'm Building' page

2-2-20  Added 'TMRCC ByLaws revised & improved February 2020' to 'Club Documents' page

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