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About Us

The Maricopa RC Club (MRCC) was formed in 2015

and since then has steadily 

grown to 24 members, all here in

the Maricopa area. A few members are snowbirds.

We are a great bunch who enjoy flying

electric foam planes, glow, and gas engine planes.

We have a couple of instructors and we

never charge for flight instruction. Many members

have past club experience with several

members having been in RC for decades.


Whether you're experienced or not, we

would like to meet you anytime and invite you to 

come fly with us.


Our dues are $45/yr., unless you're 18 or younger, than there's no charge

to join and fly at our flying field. If

you join our club, you must be an AMA member.


Somebody is usually flying most days when the weather's good. During the summer,  we start around 7:00 to 8:00 in the morning. 

Our club site is located in the Maricopa Agricultural Center (MAC) and we have the north1200' x 120' of the mile long and well-maintained abandoned crop dusting strip. 


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