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Learn To Fly for  FREE!

Have you ever wanted to fly a radio controlled model airplane? Seen
others doing it? Well, you can! And right here in Maricopa.  

Our club, The Maricopa Radio Control Club (TMRCC), in conjunction with the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) offers an Introductory Flight Program. Learn what you need to do to get in the air from our staff of experienced flight instructors. And, our instructors will provide all the necessary equipment and flight instruction free-of-charge. After you have flown a few times and should you wish to continue, you can join our club and register with AMA. 


Our club application form is available on this website as well.

Some advice regarding buying/not buying “RC” equipment

   It is highly recommended that you NOT buy a transmitter or airplane    initially. Many times, newcomers to the hobby, go out and buy the        completely wrong plane and/or radio (transmitter) that is beyond          their experience level and/or is an inferior product. We strongly            advise not to do anything initially except contact us or one of our          instructors to discuss your needs. They can provide expert                      advice and even meet you at the field and demonstrate how the            equipment and training program works.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today. We look forward to flying with YOU!

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