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Maricopa Agricultural Center (MAC)

MAC Field Map

The MAC runway is surrounded by agricultural fields and as such, pesticide spraying WILL be by aircraft or ground equipment.

TMRCC officers will be notified by MAC personnel when spraying is imminent. This "usually" occurs the DAY BEFORE or morning of. An email will be sent to TMRCC members stating what field is being sprayed (see MAC Field Map) and what the Re-entry Time is. But there CAN be a delay due to their notification chain. Also, there MAY NOT be notification from leased field operators.

If your plane lands in field that has been sprayed - do not enter until re-entry time has expired. To get your plane, go to the MAC office and MAC personnel will 'suit up' and retrieve your plane. 

Be VIGILANT and use CAUTION when at the field!

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